Hello, this is Dorian,

I tried to create a Blog using Zonelets before, but I think I tried to go too quickly, and I became frustrated trying to go faster than I could learn, which I tend to do quite often.

This time I hope it works, I'm hoping to learn about .html trough using Zonelets properly and at my own pace, so I can slowly abandon Instagram and other social medias for this comfy space once I know how to fully customize it.

Learning about Zonelets made me realize I want more than an account on an app where everything looks the same. And I'm tired of playing mind games with myself to figure out how I want to spread out my content across the internet. My end goal is to host my YouTube videos, arts stuff, comics stuff, some updates about my life and rants here.

I'm into film-making, especially music videos, trying to figure out stop-motion / animation at the moment, and it's difficult, but I really want to persevere. I sew a lot of stuff for myself and I might be trying to sell some art in the future. I have a lot of projects on the back burner, especially because school is kicking my ass all the time, but yes, I'll be showing off pictures of my art, trying to mellow out my anxiety, and trying to learn to write again because I have a ton of ideas to express but I haven't been practicing.

TL;DR -> Welcome to my blog, I love art, I might be a slow poster, but it's only because I'm trying to not rage-quit learning to use .html and to not drop out of school.

I hope I figure this thing out! :D

- Dori