ms paint drawing and ramblings.

night am

i've been pondering about internet and livestreaming and if i wasted my summer by not writing the comic i said a bunch of times i wanted to make. Never tell a social worker any goals or dreams you have, because it's like swearing on the Bible. It's only leading me to regret trying to rest and socialize and it's not my fault I developped other interests in the meantime, anyways fuck. I came back to this blog, it's a good sign. Maybe i don't let all my projects die but i have to admit the rotation time to come back to this one was pretty slow. I'm still unsure how i should treat this online space. i'm not sure if people i know irl can stumble upon this much, or who i think might be watching can affect the things i output. Anyways i'll leave those thoughts up in the air right now, i need to try to fix my sleep schedule for work.